Gamma 3D: kitchen design software and bathroom design software Work with our professional kitchen design software and bathroom design software to design kitchen and bathroom, with this software solution for kitchen design and bathroom design with stunning 3D designs.
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About Us

is a computer company located in Barcelona. Its main objective is to design easy to use and minimum cost IT solutions for small and medium-sized companies and/or individuals.

is made up of IT professionals who currently possess vast experience of the furniture industry. This is why it has started by presenting the gamma 3d software, a new interior design application, split into several levels so that each user can decide on the features they require

In order to minimise software costs, has decided to carry out all commercial activities and technical support via the Internet. This is why its corporate website has various tools that:

  • allow users of their programmes to find quick, clear solutions to their problems: consultative emails, forums to contact technical staff or other users, on-line manuals, etc
  • and supply all necessary information to find out about the features of their applications: demonstrations, prospectuses, technical features, price lists, additional materials, etc.

With the aim of continuing to offer solutions to small and medium-sized companies, will continue to work to develop the same speed as that established in the complex world of information technology, searching for new projects and improving current ones