Gamma 3D: Software program for kitchen and bath design. Work with the professional software program for kitchen and bath design, with this software program you will be able to make stunning designs of kitchen and bath designs in 3D.
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The SM version is the basic package in the Gama 3D software.

This version will enable you to design all rooms in your house. This is why Gama 3D – SM offers you a generic furniture collection with which you can see the best lay-out for each of the rooms in your home

Don't worry if the catalogue included in Gamma 3D – SM is too small. You may also expand your furniture collections by acquiring any of the catalogues displays online.

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General features

  • It has one single sealed, non-modifiable library of furniture and textures
  • It has a restricted number of fully combinable models and finishes
  • Allows virtual movement around the scene
  • Generates photorealistic images from the design (shadows and reflections)

Features for constructing rooms

  • Working mode: ground plan
  • Easily scalable pre-determined wall templates
  • Column incorporation
  • Wall decoration using any available material in the catalogue. Tile measurements may be modified and a scalable border can also be included
  • Floor and ceiling insertion and decoration
  • Installation of variable width doors and windows by the user (height can also be modified in the case of windows)

Features for furniture

  • Working mode: upper view
  • Availability of different measurements for every piece of furniture
  • Manual adjustment of shelves and strips
  • Incorporation of electrical appliances in library (draining boards, plates, ovens, extractors and microwaves
  • Automatic model changing in the whole scene

Properties of accessories

  • Automatic placing of accessories or lineal items in realistic view: skirting-board, kitchen-tops, ornamental tops, cornices and shutters
  • Determining materials for kitchen work-tops and ornamental tops
  • Automatic handle changing

Types of views available

  • Ground plan view: totally marked out
  • Upper view in 3D
  • 3d view configurable by the user using a camera