Gamma 3D: Software program for kitchen and bath design. Work with the professional software program for kitchen and bath design, with this software program you will be able to make stunning designs of kitchen and bath designs in 3D.
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Gamma 3D - PRO Room Designer is a professional solution to design rooms which has been thinking for professionals in the furniture industry: kitchens, bathrooms, interior home furniture,...

This version allows to design easily and intuitively any room of the house

The Gamma 3D – PRO furniture catalogue offers a huge collection (more than 200 furnitures) which with you can design any project for your customers.

Moreover you can expand your collection purchasing any catalogue that presents in his web. These catalogues allow to present more realistic and attractive designs to customers.

Room Designer can also be completed with additional features thanks to complementary modules:

  • VirtualPack: Photorealism and project animation
  • Furniture Designer: Design furnitures of all kinds which are perfectly fitted in Gamma 3D-PRO catalogues
  • Estimates: Automatic generation of estimates based on Gamma 3D – PRO designs

General features

  • Large library of furniture
  • Large library of textures for walls, floors and ceilings
  • Large collection of decorative objects
  • Import of DXF files
  • User always works in 3 dimensions and in real time, the image is constantly renderized

Walls, floors and ceilings

  • The software has three ways to define wall: predefined, by angles or by diagonals
  • User will have total control over the walls: thickness, number of walls, length and height
  • Automatic insertion of the floor and ceiling
  • Definition of tiles and freezes without any limits
  • Positioning of columns and separation walls without any limits
  • Automatic positioning of freezes and separators: you can define unlimited models at different heights
  • Place doors and windows in 3 dimensions or ground plan
  • Place doors and windows with great ease controlling all the time their measurements, position and texture.

Characteristics of the furniture

  • Possibility of different measurements for each piece of furniture (Standard measurements)
  • Software automatically adjusts length of shelves to fit
  • Properties to ´magnetize´ (positions the furniture automatically to the object closest to it), intersection (Collision control) auto rotation and hide/show
  • Automatic placement of the appliances into the furniture
  • One can choose between many different models and textures of appliances
  • Change the model of the door: The change of the door model can affect the whole design (general change) or one cupboard only (Individual).
  • Substitute glass (doors) and panels
  • Add decorative sides to the furniture, add or substitute
  • Possibility to add accessories to the furniture: Waste baskets, extractable baskets, bars, shoe shelves etc.
  • Technical information of the furniture affected by columns e.g. furniture that needs special cuts

Working with furnitures

  • Select the correct measurements before placing the object into the scene
  • Free placement of the objects into the scene, this way being able to place them against any desired wall. This feature is called auto rotation so that the furniture is automatically placed in the correct position against the closest wall
  • Generate furniture in angles that differ from 90º this way being able to place furniture in non standard angles
  • Insert automatically (to the left or to the right) starting from a previously defined reference
  • Group together certain pieces of furniture that will allow to place them both at the same time
  • Create the kitchen automatically using as a bases the ‘technical symbols´ like water and gas inlet, electricity etc.)
  • Multitude of possible actions once the furniture is placed: Center, visualize, invert, move, rotate, edit etc.

Linear elements and accessories

  • Automatic positioning of linear elements (plinths, worktops, light caps etc.)
  • Special assistants to cut, move, add, align or delete linear elements
  • Automatic changing of handles
  • Possibility to define the handle orientation (horizontal or vertical) and its position with respect to the sides of the door.

Other options

  • Creation of ´predefined structures´ that allow you to use them and edit them to your specifics
  • Possibility to create the different composition used by manufacturers to use and place them into your scenes
  • Group together certain pieces of furniture that will allow to place them both at the same time

Visualization modes and print options

  • 2D drawings on exact scale with all necessary spot measurements, the possibility to insert free texts and manual spot measurements
  • Possibility to configure the spot measurements: Colors, letter type and size
  • Placement of technical symbols (Electricity, water, gas) also with their spot measurements and the option to visualize them in 3D
  • Predefined views in 3 dimensions
  • Printout of photographic quality of the project
  • Capture the image in .jpg or .bmp format