Gamma 3D: Software program for kitchen and bath design. Work with the professional software program for kitchen and bath design, with this software program you will be able to make stunning designs of kitchen and bath designs in 3D.
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Designing a furniture through PC is not already an exclusive task for CAD professionals. The GAMMA 3d PRO Furniture Designer provides a powerful assistant that let you draw easily and intuitively any furniture.

Enjoy your work by constructing your furnitures like in a malleable puzzle. You can insert the primary pieces (frames, doors, shelves,...) and change them until you achieve to display in the screen your ideas.

Moreover, if this software is linked to Gamma 3d PRO they both will allow your dreams came true: You will be able to generate customized designs by yourself without your computer supplier help. Now you can see the most remarkable features which are included in our Furniture Designer:

Characteristics of the bill of materials

  • Furniture design through a specialized 3D editor.
  • Automatic formula generation where user is able to modify and edit the formula
  • Automatic recalculation of the B.O.M. based on the modifications in the 3D design.
  • Automatic processing of changes in measurements

Cupboards and Interiors

  • Characteristics of the construction of the dressing like there are for instance: Back interior to top, back interior to base, side interior to top etc.
  • Elements that you can insert into free spaces of the object: simple and multiple shelves, fixed front drawers, drawers of any model, accessories...
  • Automatic insertion of the interior elements into the free spaces.
  • User definable configurations of the previously mentioned elements.
  • And the type of cupboard one wishes to realize (base, superior, columns, on worktop, front end with corners, curved and in Z....)


  • Door characteristics: opening door type ( doubles, individual right or individual left, sliding doors, folding doors), spaces and discounts, models, panels, strips, doorframes,...
  • Hinge definition: position, number and type
  • Handle creation assistant
  • Definable configuration and modification of the handle characteristics for doors and drawers: orientation, position and measurement


  • Configuration of panels: base material, sides, colored panels and bicolor panel
  • Automatic generation of cuts caused by column or beam


  • Detailed bill of material
  • Pieces and measurements
  • Sides
  • Special pieces as there are: Pieces that need to be cut to make certain angles etc.


  • Handles
  • How Furniture Designer handles linear elements
  • The system generates: plinths or legs, worktop addition, crown list, tube hiders, light caps

Automatic insertion of these elements in your room designer.

  • Easy configuration and modification for linear elements
  • Worktops
  • Automatic insertion of worktops into the room designer
  • Automatic and manual spot measurement of the worktop
  • Definition of added worktops (tables) with measurements