Gamma 3D: Software program for kitchen and bath design. Work with the professional software program for kitchen and bath design, with this software program you will be able to make stunning designs of kitchen and bath designs in 3D.
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You can know, without obligation, this software for valuation of estimates in the wooden furniture sector.

Calculation of entries based on bill of materials and comparatives, calculation of sale prices based on prices in point or direct prices, prices based on points with increments per model,... All these features and more are included in Gamma 3D – PRO Estimates which has been developed for wooden furniture professionals.

Moreover, this software can be linked to Gamma 3D Pro Room Designer. So the software valuates automatically the accepted design and you can minimize drastically the time inverted in each of your projects.

Here are some of the basic functionalities in Gamma 3D – PRO Estimates:

  • Multi currency
  • Definable configuration of the estimate: company logo, estimate organization, letter of presentation
  • Changes to the total of the estimate
  • General discounts, per chapter, per client, per type of client, per family or per article
  • Valuation (cost) analysis
  • Send Purchase orders directly to the manufacturer per fax or email.
  • - Automatic generation of purchase orders per estimate
  • Detection of furniture not corresponding to standard measurements
  • Benefits valuation
  • And more........